Tips For English Proficiency Test (IELTS And PTE)

Thinking about taking an English proficiency test for immigration or study purposes? Unsure which test (PTE or IELTS) will be better for you?

We will try to explain you both and help you decide on one.

Let’s first take a look at both, one by one


IELTS- A Stands for International English Language Testing System -Academic, It is prepared by Cambridge University (Cambridge English Learning Assessment- CELA) on two test centers IDP Australia and British Council. You can choose a test center of your choice.

It tests your overall command on formal English on four different criteria Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Test is taken on two different days, one day you will give exams for Reading, Writing and Listening and on another day, you will face an examiner for speaking where you will talk to an examiner for 13-15 minutes on general topic.


PTE-A Stands for Pearson Test of English- Academic, Is a computer based exam taken by Pearson Inc, it allows candidates 3 hours to finish 3 sections; 1. Speaking and Writing, 2.Reading and 3. Listening. Test is taken by computer and checked by AI (Artificial Intelligence), results are instant (maximum of 5 business days) and you can book it 24 hours in advance and still get a seat.

Let us look at the difference between IELTS and PTE point by point.

1Eligibility Criteria16 years and above18 years, below that will require parental consent
2Test datesRound the year (working days only)Has their own calendar
3StructureDivided into speaking, writing, reading and listening – 3hours, all same dayDivided into Speaking, Writing, Reading and listening.  2hr 45 minutes
Speaking is done on another day
4Test formatComputer basedPaper based and Computer based
5Validity2 years2 years
6AcceptanceUniversities and government (limited)Universities and government (Worldwide)
7Time for Result24 hours to 5 working daysAfter 13 working days
8PriceUSD $ 170NRS 21,500.
9CancellationPartial refund: 7 days, no questions askedPartial refund: (medical) reasons required
10AssessmentArtificial Intelligence  (computer)Manual
11Transparency in grading (assessment)Not fully revealedTransparent
12Challenges reported by studentsReading section difficultWriting section difficult
13Mock tests, materialsHas official scored mock test for estimate (Payment needed). Limited books and materials availableLots of preparation materials available, No official mock test; however many test private centers offer it for free
14AccuracyReports of writing tests revisedAutomated speaking scoring system is not fair to many.
15.Full marks909 Band (Band= levels)

Our Verdict:

Students who have a specific requirements in marks may find IELTS challenging, whereas students who are comfortable with computers and keyboards might have an edge with PTE. Acceptance of score and resources available for practice is better in IELTS, whereas time for result and booking convenience is better in PTE.

If you are a nursing student who have to score band 7 in each and it is proving difficult, you can choose PTE. We suggest if you are not sure which country and course you might peruse later, stick to IELTS.

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